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Who we are People Activities Projects Education Collaborations


The Digital Innovation Technological Unit is the IIT Service Structure that plans, designs and develops innovative telematic applications and services for the IIT, for the .it Registry and, more generally, for the CNR, the Public Administration and private sector. The main areas of expertise are e-mail, the Domain Name System (DNS and DNSSEC), advanced applications for the Web, Content Management Systems, databases, electronic archiving and document flow management systems, monitoring of network traffic and services, data mining and machine learning systems, and the study and analysis of the diffusion of the Internet and the Digital Divide in Italy, etc.

The Digital Innovation Unit manages the IIT server farm and carries out all the functions relating to the technical-system activities, design, development, networking and technical helpdesk, which are necessary for carrying out the role of the Italian Registry of domain names (Registry .it).

The criticality, complexity and visibility of the .it Registry service, both nationally and internationally, makes it necessary to study, evaluate and implement technologically advanced solutions and strategies to ensure the stability and efficiency of the service. The design and development of technologically innovative tools and the provision of reliable and scalable services over time, constitute, in fact, the “technological” pillars of a state-of-the-art and cutting edge domain name registry and enable the balanced growth of a network in a country.

All the systems, software and network infrastructure used by the .it Registry were designed and developed by the staff of the Digital Innovation Unit.

The achievement of the objectives is implemented through a careful definition and design of the activities to be carried out and a close collaboration and participation with international organizations such as CENTR, RIPE, IETF and ICANN.

Among the main objectives and tasks of the Service there is also the technology transfer and training activity for CNR personnel, registrars of the ccTLD .it and, in general, Internet users. The main training areas are: domain name registration procedures and systems, the Domain Name System (DNS and DNSSEC), Electronic Mail, Web Technologies, CMS and e-learning systems.

The Unit is made up of the following Operating Units: